The Qualifica Centre of the Poeta Joaquim Serra Schools Group (CQ-PJS) is one of the centres specialized in adults’ qualification that provides information, guidance and referral of candidates to training modalities, as well as the recognition, validation and certification of skills (RVCC) acquired throughout their lives.

Thus, one of the objectives is to help improve the levels of education and training, contributing to raising the population's qualification levels and promoting the employability of those seeking the CQ-PJS.


Who is it for ?

The activity of the CQ-PJS is aimed at adults aged 18 years old or over who are looking for a qualification and, exceptionally, at young people who are not attending education or training modalities and who are not included in the labour market, NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) young people.

para quem se destina o cquep-pjs no montijo

The main attributions of the CQ-PJS

  • Information, guidance and referral of candidates, namely for vocational education and training offers, based on the different types of qualification and seeking to adapt existing offers to the profiles, needs, motivations and expectations of candidates and to labour market dynamics;
  • Recognition, validation and certification of competences (RVCC) developed by adults throughout their lives through formal, informal and non-formal ways, at school, professional or dual certification levels; (RVCC) ;
  • The development of information and dissemination actions aimed at young people and adults, companies and other employers, on the available vocational education and training offers and on the relevance of lifelong learning.


The Centre's intervention steps with candidates:

Etapas de intervenção do Centro Qualifica


The team

  • Director;
  • Coordinator;
  • Skills Orientation and Validation Technicians (TORVC)
  • Trainers/Teachers of the different Key Competence Areas.

The team CQ-PJS in Montijo

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